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TFLH 10-Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, The Family Learning House opened its doors to a small group of children in a two-classroom house in the Northern part of Chaoyang District. The school began as a place for young children to learn and grow in a beautiful environment guided by loving, nurturing teachers dedicated to developing good character and academic excellence.

We have grown from a handful of students to over 200, from two classes to nine, from three staff to over 40 and from one small house to a large, beautiful campus in the central part of Beijing. But above all else, The Family Learning House has become a dynamic learning community of children, parents, grandparents and ayi's who are striving to apply their learning in their own lives and to contribute meaningfully to the society in which they live.

It has been an honor to serve the many families who have joined us over the past 10 years and we look forward to continuing our collective journey of learning in the years to come.





Annual Starry Night Piano Recital

December 12th & 13th, 2012

Our annual piano recital is one of the most melodious family evenings of the year! All children in the school ages 4.5 years and older receive daily 15-minute pull-out piano lessons as a part of our musical enrichment program. After months of practice, some children having just begun and others in their 2nd year of piano study, all students present solo performances and parents, family members and teachers are treated to some very pleasant tunes. All performances, no matter the length or complexity of the piece are equally cherished and the children’s efforts are celebrated with a showering of applause and flashing camera lights!

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Thanksgiving Dinner

November 30th, 2012

On November 30th The Family Learning House hosted our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with a feast of turkey, yams, pumpkin pie, boot-stomping barn dancing and artistic masterpieces completed by our very own children for auctioning. Over 100 families attended, with all proceeds raised benefitting Our Learning House.

This year’s event included some new additions, including a dress up station where children could take scenic pictures dressed up as cowboys or southern belles and crafting, where children could design their own cowboy hats. Our families enjoyed a wonderful time eating, chatting, dancing, reflecting upon the year and giving thanks and appreciation for our many blessings during the Thank You Circle held in each classroom.

Many new memories were added to the 2012 scrapbook!

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United Nations Day Parade

October 24th, 2012

With “We are world citizens” being October’s learning theme, children at The Family Learning House spent the month studying countries and cultures around the world. All month long classrooms invited cultural guests to share food, traditions, songs, stories, and many cultural treasures with the children. On the 24th of October, children wore their traditional clothing to school to celebrate our diversity. Boys and girls from each classroom, dressed in costumes from all over the world, paraded through the hallways of our school amongst the cheers of their classmates. It was a wonderfully colorful display of unity and joy!

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Annual Family Sports Day

October 20th, 2012

This year’s Family Sports Day took place right across the street from our campus at Tsinghua Elementary School. Moms, dads, grandparents, and ayis all came out to cheer on their little champions and ran, jumped, relayed, gave piggy-back rides, laughed, and hugged all morning! The joy on the children’s faces could only be matched by equally happy faces of parents and caregivers who were enjoying the activities and spending a relaxed time with their children. The games were varied and the fun was unlimited! There were running relays, piggy-back ride runs, dressing mom/dad relays, and even blind-folded races. Plenty of refreshments were offered, including home-baked treats from our families and goodies baked in the classrooms by the children themselves! It was the perfect occasion for children to put their best efforts forward and showcase their sportsmanship. Every child received a medal for participation and being little champions!

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Celebration

September 14th, 2012

We enjoyed a nice moonlit night for our first family gathering of the year at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration! Our families came out on a beautifully warm evening to watch performances of the Giant Turnip by the children and our teaching staff, after which they also took a turn at serenading the children with a popular Chinese song! In the Unity Garden there were acrobats, a Chinese calligrapher and artisans crafting, by special request, miniature figurines. In the art room children enjoyed working with special glow-in-the dark paint to create a sparkling night sky! Children were happy to have so many activities to keep them entertained, while family and friends found a great opportunity to chat and get to know the The Family Learning House community!

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Children’s Day Celebration

June 2012

Each June parents, families, and friends are invited to an afternoon of Unity & Joy where each of the primary and reception classes present brilliant performances of song, dance, and mini-skits to the delightful enjoyment of the audience! The show usually opens with all children entering in candle-lit ambiance to the soulful tune of “Let your heart burn in loving kindness for all who may cross your path.” The opening performance is a boisterous rendition of Hello to All the Children of the World, with all children on stage to welcome their families and friends. The afternoon is filled with heartfelt performances, which the children have prepared and rehearsed for over a month. Their talents are adored and their smiles and joyfulness spreads amongst audience members, who are beaming with pride! In honor of all the children of the world, The Family Learning House children offer their best wishes for a happy, healthy childhood!

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Spring Fair

May 19th, 2012

Join us for a day of family fun on Saturday, May 19th, from 10:00am until 1:00pm. There will be lots of entertainment, games, face painting, a bake sale and more! Tickets for all activities will be sold at the entrance of the Unity Garden with proceeds going to Our Learning House for orphans. Looking forward to seeing you there!





Black & White Panda Day
Free Dress Day For Chairity

May 16th, 2012

As the national mascot for China, the panda bear has been adored by children and adults the world over for decades. However, knowing that the panda is an endangered species, it is especially important for us to take an active role in the preservation and conservation of pandas and their natural habitat. This is a moment to share with the children the lesson that as world citizens we are recognizing our responsibility for taking care of the earth as our home and the wildlife as important members of our community.

In this spirit, TFLH will adopt a panda! In celebration of our adoption, we are asking that the children come to school dressed in black and white. We will also be holding a dance party, where a 10RMB donation will be requested for the funding of the adoption, and the children will be sharing their best moves on the dance floor!





Our Service Project

April 15th, 2012

Over the past few months a dedicated group of parents from The Family Learning House have been working tirelessly organizing everything from funds to events to continuing future support of Our Learning House, a kindergarten school for physically disabled orphans in the Shunyi area. With the school set to open in the beginning of May and still many more things to do, this past weekend some of our own students decided to take the lead and help out... [read more]

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Pancake Breakfast
and Pajama Day

March 14th, 2012

Parents joined students at The Family Learning House for "Pancake Breakfast and Pajama Day". Together with their families, everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast and some fun quality time, while wearing their favorite cozy pajamas. All proceeds will benefit Our Learning House.

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